With so many styles and colours there’s a bedroom combo for everyone.
Lexi up to 3 rooms from R78 p/m Sasha 3 rooms from R70 p/m Whitney 2 rooms from R87 p/m Tatum 2 rooms from R87p/m Royal Garden Peach from R87p/m A GUARANTEED PRIZE Kirsten 2 rooms from R87p/m Viola 2 rooms from R105p/m Manhattan 2 rooms in 1 R70p/m Irene 2 rooms from R105p/m Zandra 3 roomsin 1 R87p/m Christina 3 rooms from R87p/m Stacey 2 rooms from R105p/m Aneeka 2 rooms in 1 R78p/m Nicolette 2 rooms in 1 R78p/m